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Interior design is the science of helping property owners create a functional room within a building, including the shapes of a room’s walls, floors, furniture, and lots of other things. Let’s take a look at the best interior design work. An interior designer works closely with architects to style the inside space and has a good amount of experience in the development field.


Intending to do something out of the box, Outbuild came to the market in 2009 and became a leading interior design firm in Bangladesh. On this trip, we got plenty of opportunities to serve a good number of corporate offices, restaurants, houses, universities, shopping complexes, and many more. Through our quality services, Outbuild acquired so many awards as well as trust from our clients. We have the country’s best interior designer in Bangladesh.

Sofa design

If we think about home interior furniture, we may think of a sofa set at first. Because it is so fashionable nowadays and we all know another name for comfort is the sofa. We get the value of our client’s comfort. We have the best interior design team in Bangladesh and we create excellence here. We are offering all kinds of sofas, like:

1. Wooden
2. Savannah sofa with storage
3. Sofa cum bed
4. Fabric sectional
5. Nordic style
6. Living corner lounge
7. Leather
8. I shape
9. L shape
10. Chair
11. Corner Sofa
12. Bedroom Sofa
13. 3 seater
14. 2 seater
15. Customize Sofa

sofa design for living room

Table design in Bangladesh

The table is the most re-presentable furniture of a family. We serve our guests and organize food, books, computers and files on it. The office will remain incomplete without a table. We are providing a good collection of various modern interior designed tables.

  1. MD table
  2. Workstation
  3. Dining table
  4. Study table
  5. Books table
  6. Tea table
  7. Bedside
  8. Conference table
  9. Restaurant table
Workstation table design

Cabinet Design

The cabinet is the ideal option for small areas. Most people are concerned about their living spaces and their inability to organize their belongings. The cabinet is intended to provide a solution to this type of difficulty. It is also a highly stylish and quick approach for the best interior design in Bangladesh to take interior decor to the next level.

Cabinet Design

Bed design in Bangladesh

Well, we all have to stay for a long time in bed and that’s necessary to make it more designed and comfortable. We have so many options for our clients to choose their desire that well fits in their room. As choices vary from person to person, we do offer a huge number of different in bed design in Bangladesh.

  1. Standard
  2. Platform
  3. Panel
  4. Wingback
  5. Sleigh
  6. Storage included
  7. Bookcase
  8. Murphy
  9. Canopy
  10. Bunk bed
  11. Loft
  12. Trundle
Bed Design

Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe, a kind of stylish design furniture that nowadays is divided into two parts, one for hanging garments and another for laying them out flat. It’s been a century, and still, it is the most integral part of a bedroom. Our Wardrobe Design collection enriches with the touch of the best interior designer in Bangladesh.

Wardrobe Design for room

Dressing Table Design

A dressing table is the most essential home furniture item. It helps us to dress well every day. It is an integral part of girls’ dressing and makeovers. Great ingenuity was exercised by 18th-century cabinet makers to mix elaborate fittings with a handsome piece of furniture. within the Cabinet-Makers’ London Book of Prices (1788), Thomas Shearer included a design for a dressing stand “with folding tops. Day after day it is furnished and has become the foremost beautiful designed piece of furniture. We have a wide range of dressing table design collections by our best interior designers in Bangladesh.

Dressing Table Design

Kitchen Cabinet Design

People are now very conscious about their kitchen interior design. Because women have to stay longer every day in the kitchen. It’s become an integral part of a house. Also, it is so important to decorate our kitchen well. A beautiful kitchen can refresh our minds and increase the spirit of every day’s work. So the first thing that makes a kitchen interior gorgeous is the kitchen cabinet. It looks organized, stylish, decorated, and offers more storage at the same time.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Almirah Design

Almirah is the most popular piece of furniture in every home. We can simply organize our clothes files and also other documents in it. There are so many options for design changes with time. Now we can see a lot of beautiful almirah including a dress holder, locker, drawer, offering mirror and stylish at the same time. We have our own designed almirah and there are plenty of opportunities to customize with your requirements. It is the sort of furniture that you need most for your house, office and other places.

Almirah design

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