Frequently Asked Questions for Interior & Exterior Design Service

Do you have any showrooms or storefronts?

No. We don’t have any storefront or showroom. As a professional interior design firm, we serve customers from our office located in Baridhara, Dhaka. On the other hand, We have a production house that produces A To Z interior decoration items.

What if I need only design support, not decoration work?

That’s all up to you, whether you want us to make a complete design plan that included every single plan with a visual statement you need or both design and decoration to avoid 3rd parties involvement. Most of cases, people want us to design and execute.

How can I get the furniture delivered?

In this case, we offer our own vehicles to ship furniture or materials. To minimize the cost and safety of products are our primary concerns. With that being said, we are working for you.

Furthermore, OUT-BUILD provides free transportation facilities since we have different types of vehicles for material and product shipments.

Who assembles the furniture?

We have a team who are working to assemble furniture and Interior decoration materials. They’re skilled enough to carry furniture without having any damage.

Am I eligible for free consultancy?

We are always happy to listen to you. In this case, OUT BUILD interior is providing totally free consultancy if the query relating to our services. Such as creating living space Design, office layout planning, fashion house Design and so on. Moreover, We love to share our creativity and effort with anyone who is looking for professional Interior designer support.

How much does it cost for Interior design?

You have to pay for whatever you are getting. Indeed, the cost of interior design depends on the types of interior design you are looking for. In this case, there are different types of interior design work that comes with different costing. Therefore, keeping your budget and requirements into consideration, we always offer the market best price which saves your money and time. Moreover, we charge for what you are getting from us and which should be realistic charges as per your requirements. Professional interior design work always take for whatever

How long does it take for decoration to work?

Time should be measured after getting your project’s requirements. As a professional interior design firm, we have enough resources to minimize time. Before starting work, we figure out the amount of time it will take to pack the whole decoration process.

What if you don’t deliver after making the payment?

We follow a particular process when we head to work with a customer. In order to avoid disputes, we ready a written paper where we mention our delivery time and payment schedule, etc. We don’t expect our customers should make full payment before getting projects done. On the other hand, if there arises any dispute, both we can face the government authorized person to find a better solution.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, an interior designer can make your small space bigger; dark rooms look brighter and add details to make your space maximize its potential.

We follow various methods when we head over to design an apartment. We pull every single piece of information from clients such as family members, relatives, occupation and so on that we ready a complete design to offer clients. Once, the client finalizes a design that we prepare it to implement.

When it comes to an interior designer that means we refer to a professional designer. An interior designer has unique design skills with a deep understanding of modern interior design, expertise, and the power of transforming any ordinary space. An Interior designer offers you something that you couldn’t recognize with your ordinary sense since an interior architect spends several years on studying to offer the best possible solution.

As a professional interior And Exterior design firm, Out Build offers different types of interior and exterior design services you need. Usually, we design floor plans, furniture layout plans, working drawings, ceiling design, kitchen layout, office interior design, workstation planning, painting suggestions, electrical plan, plumbing design and so on. Moreover, we catch your requirements first before walking on design and it goes on until we find the best solution for you.

After being formed in 2009, out-build is providing interior and exterior design services with decor solutions. From 2009, we have successfully done several exteriors and interior design projects that included residential space design and decoration, commercial space decoration, hospital decoration, buying house design, etc.

Yes, We provide custom furniture as per the space requirements. Though OUT BUILD is a full flashed architectural firm but in some cases, our customer wants to provide furniture too. Such as sofa, table, tv cabinet, etc. In this case, we offer our factory-made custom furniture to avoid the hassle.

Yes. Producing custom furniture after finalizing the furniture design is a unique point of our specialty. It helps to minimize production costs and depending on no one else. We produce all types of furniture for residential & commercial use.

Building a long term relation with customers through our quality products and services are the fundamental objects of OUT BUILD. In this case, we provide 5 years after-sell services support to our customers and all are cost-free. Even, we welcome our customers if there need any changes or need a suggestion relating to our services.

As per our working process, Initially, you have to pay 50% out of the total amount we agreed. After completing 50% of work, 25% payment should be made and the rest 25% payment should be made after completing 75% of work. Rest assured, each payment should be made via bank. However, you may find the deal a bit unfair but in reality, we found this is the best way to work with clients since we need to pay people to execute the work timely for you.

Yes. Whether it is a house renovation or office, we design it on the computer screen before implementing it. OUT BUILD Is well known because of renovation or remodeling work. We follow a unique way to find the best possible design and utilization of your existing resources.

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