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As an interior design firm, we are frequently asked by new clients how much it costs to decorate a small bedroom. Of course, it’s not an exact science, but in this piece, we’ll show you how we calculate it so you can have an idea of the overall cost you may expect or about interior design price for small bedroom.


We’ll perform some calculations below, but we recommend using this as a reference (average expenses), because the total spend may vary based on your room size, which furniture stores you buy from, how many pieces you need, and what type of bedroom they’re going in.


Best Ways to Utilize Interior Design Price for Small Bedrooms
interior design price for small bedroom

How Much Does it Actually Cost to Furnish a Small Bedroom on a low budget?

Let’s start with outfitting a master bedroom, as this is the area that most of our design clients desire to remodel. We tend to spend more money here, less in the guest room, and much less in the adolescent or kid’s room.


When it comes to outfitting bedroom interior design, we don’t resort to charity stores, flea markets, or internet marketplaces like Facebook or YouTube. Don’t get us wrong: they’re a terrific method to save expenses, but they’re not where we source.


The price point calculations shown here are based on visiting a new furniture store and purchasing high-quality furniture (sorry budget chains). However, we do not consider the items we describe to be ultra-high-end; rather, they are middle-of-the-road or mid-tier. It has a designer appearance without being overly pricey.


Small bedroom design in low price
Small bedroom design in low price

The honest answer to the question of how much it costs to equip a small bedroom is around 1,50,000BDT to 3,00,000BDT(Minimum). That may surprise or startle the average person, but join us on this adventure and we’ll show you how it’s calculated. Outbuild interior design agency will give you the proper data about your dream price for small bedroom interior design.

What Items Are Required to Completely Furnish a Small Bedroom?

When contemplating your budget, a good place to start is by listing the key furniture items and design aspects that would go into a completely equipped bedroom. It’s always how we start our design process with clients.

Here’s an example of what you’d need (at a minimum) to furnish a complete bedroom:

  • A king-sized bed frame and mattress are required.
  • 2 nightstands/bedside tables.
  • 2 × table lamps, pendants, or wall sconces.
  • At least one of the walls will have wall art.
  • A mirror is also likely to be installed on another wall.
  • Maybe a TV stand or chest of drawers next to the bed.
  • If the space allows, an armchair with a small end table and floor light.

Now, the list above implies we’re working with a fresh room where you’re not keeping any existing furniture and we’re getting everything brand new. You may already have a mattress or other accent items, so bear in mind that you may save money if this is the case.


Simple bedroom interior design
Simple bedroom interior design

How is the Price Calculated for Bedroom interior design?

We want to put genuine pieces from a real furniture shop below so we can tally stuff up as we go and give you a complete picture of how we might spend 250,000BDT overall.

As an example, consider some components from the Out Build Interior Furniture Store, as well as some extra providers for things like beds. At the time of publication, all of the pieces on this page were available on their website at the proper price.

  • 1 x Sausalito king-size bed
  • 1 x King-size mattress from Sleeping Duck
  • 2 x Sausalito bedside tables
  • 2 x Anders table lamps
  • 1 x Plaster tile wall artwork
  • 1 x Marlena antique mirror
  • 1 x Sausalito eight-drawer dresser
  • 1 x Tallulah upholstered armchair
  • 1 x Chelsea adjustable floor lamp
  • 1 x Cori round wood side table

What Isn’t Included in the Above Bedroom Design Prices?

The crucial thing to remember is that the aforementioned estimate excludes any bespoke furnishings. It also excludes bedding (quilts, pillows, quilt cover set, throws) a nd decorative accessories such as cushions, plants, photo frames, and decorations.


Low price bedroom interior design
Low price bedroom interior design

While we’re talking about bedding, here are the top ten locations we acquire it for our clients.

It also excludes choices such as pendant lights instead of lamps (and the cost to get the electrician out to install them). If we go that route, it does not cover things like repainting, new flooring, area rugs, or putting wallpaper or curtains.


While we’re talking about bedding, here are the top ten locations we acquire it for our clients.

ALLORA Bangladesh Classical Home Tex Alliance Bedware ltd. SWAN Showroom ETTADI CARTEN & BEDING STORE


Level-1, Shop no-240 Police Plaza Concord Shopping Mall, Dhaka.



204/B, QCC6+GQ6, Mir Shawkat Sarani, Tejgaon, Gulshan Link Road, Dhaka.



House #9-A, Road # 28 (old), 15 (New) , (4th Floor) Dhanmondi. Jigatala. P.C. 1209, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.


Gulshan Shopping Center, Shop# B-68, Dhaka.



Apollo Hospitals to Solmaid Rd, Dhaka-1212.

Araz Bangladesh Hometex Bangladesh New Home Curtain & Bedding Store Dhaka Bedding Store And Parda House Euroasia Mattress


House #103 Masjid Rd, Dhaka-1213.



Chamelibag Apartment, Store # 302, Level # 03, Twin Tower Concord Shopping Complex 27, Dhaka-1217.



Shop-9, D.C.C Kachar Bazar, Near the Mosque, Gulshan-2, Dhaka.


Shop- 5, Friends Club Building, Road- 7, Sector- 3, D.I.T Market, Uttara, Dhaka.


Sena Kalyan Bhaban, 195 Motijheel Rd, Dhaka-1000.


But don’t designers get any kind of discount?

One of the benefits of working with an interior designer (besides our fantastic ideas, project management, and peace of mind that the finished result will be spectacular) is that we have access to prices that the general public does not. This can also have an impact on how much money you spend on furniture altogether.


Some interior design firm (like us) share the savings with their clients, while others do not. If they do, reductions ranging from 10% to 30% may be applied to certain of the furniture pieces. As a result, the Out Build Interior Furniture Store pricing stated above may not be accurate.

Also, keep in mind that it is your designer’s responsibility to assess your budget and attempt to identify pieces that will come in on or under budget. However, it’s a good idea to have a decent notion of what you should assign before you begin.


On that topic, here is where we budget for bedrooms in order to furnish them reasonably for customers.

Your personal style for small bedroom interior design with low cost
Your personal style for small bedroom interior design with low cost

Your Personal Style Can Influence Your Spending

It’s worth noting that the interior design style you prefer might influence the entire cost of furnishing your bedroom. For example, if you’re a minimalist moving into a new house, it’s safe to assume you’ll have fewer goods because you despise clutter.


On the other hand, you could be like us when it comes to decorating and furnishing; you prefer layers in a space to bring warmth and charm. For example, I enjoy a particularly luxurious pillow-filled bed, thus additional bedding will increase the amount of money you spend altogether.


Of course, we all know that local furniture is less expensive than Out Build Interior Furniture Store. However, Hatil or Akhtar Furniture costs more than Out Build Interior Furniture Store. So it’s back to my earlier example of furniture being like food on a restaurant menu. Some people don’t see the point in paying for a five-star dinner, while others would never eat fast food.

The location of your shopping makes a significant impact on the dent it leaves on your credit card.

Bedroom design night view with perfect size
Bedroom design night view with perfect size
The size of a bedroom may either save or increase costs

A bedroom in a tiny furnished apartment will be less expensive on average than a big master suite in a suburban home. So, the size of your footprint or square feet is important here (to a degree, anyway).


If your bedroom is small, you may just need the essentials: a bed, bedside tables/nightstands, bedding, and a few lamps.


If you have a spacious master suite, you may be able to fit all of the previously mentioned bedroom furniture and décor, as well as a sitting area with a number of chairs and a coffee table. The room may open onto a balcony with a little eating area where you can relax and have brunch (that’s what I call living the ideal! ), or you could decorate your en suite bathroom as well.

However, in a lesser room, you may still pay 1,50,000BDT. You may have fewer things, but those items may be of higher quality, or the sort of furniture may be more bespoke/custom from a top-tier provider.


So, how much money should you really set aside?

As we stated at the outset of this essay, determining the cost of furnishing a master bedroom is not an exact science. That is correct. But I hope this exercise and openness have given you a clearer picture of what the overall expenses may be.


As previously stated, you may go lower-priced or higher-quality and still have a wonderful bedroom at the end, or you can splurge to create a luxury appearance and feel. But, if we’re discussing budgets, I’d say you should spend roughly 1,00,000BDT to decorate your room. That’s for a layered and gorgeous mid-tier designer style.


Bottom Line

You will receive high-quality materials without any additional costs. All of the plans described above include premium design. If you want to create your own home, you can choose from the packages listed above. You may also tailor any plan to meet your specific needs.

In addition, for offices, we provide fully customized services to fit your needs and enable the functionalities in your office.

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