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Choosing the size and shape of your Office Conference Table can have a dramatic impact on the productivity of the group. While this might seem absurd, it is known that the table that has no for ahead (or leader) position at the end of the table tends to improve the psychological effect of the attendees. Productivity increases at a substantial rate equal to proportion to the tone, morale and even the outcome of the gathering.

The Modern Curve

Having a conference table that is designed as a modern curve (or one that has no foot position at one end of the table) creates a strong power position at the head of the table. If you wish to have a dramatic one-sided position in your conference room, this table is the perfect solution.

Rounded Tables

Rounded conference tables emit attendee collaboration and not hierarchy. With no obvious head or leader position at the table, no one has more power than anyone else. This is ideally suited for team-building meetings and strategy planning groups as it promotes a common goal, and builds intimacy between those that are gathered.

A Long Thin Table

The table that is long and thin like a banquet dinner table tends to create an environment of “communication zones” where one group of people are discussing a specific topic while the other is having a completely different conversation. This is not the ideal solution for businesses wishing to find a meeting of the minds whether between professionals and their clients, or employees and management.

An Effective Solution

An effective, ideal solution to the many different styles and shapes of conference tables is a large rectangle table with rounded corners, commonly referred to as a “boat-shaped table.” This type of table provides a natural feeling that each attendee has an equal position at the table. It also offers the ability to crowd in more chairs to the table.

Believe it or not, your choice of conference tables can greatly affect the productivity of your employees. You may not think that a table’s shape can have so much power but as illustrated in these examples, a table can indeed change a group’s dynamics. Whether this change is for the better or worse is entirely up to you. That said business Management Articles, why leave anything to chance? Maximize productivity in the workplace and ensure the best output of every meeting by choosing your office conference table very well. Good luck!

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